Frequently Asked Questions is an online platform for patients to find and contact specialist doctors based on speciality, clinical expertise, and location.
1. Search for doctors based on specialty, clinical expertise, patient testimonials and location

2. You can then contact the doctor that you like, by leaving a message on the doctor’s profile page

3. The messages are limited to 140 characters, to keep the messages short and concise

4. You can send up to 3 messages of 140 characters to the doctor.

5. After your third message, you then have the option of making an appointment directly with the doctor

6. If you don't make an appointment, all the messages that you sent to the doctor self deletes after 7 days

7. Request your Family physician/ General practitioner/ Primary care provider to refer you to the specialist doctor of your liking

8. All this service through rated doctor is FREE!

1. Build a patient base by converting enquiries into potential patients

2. Consult and treat patients according to your schedule in a hospital or service provider of your choice. Enjoy a better work life balance. The way it should be!

3. By getting to know your patients beforehand, you have the information and time to tailor the treatment according to your patients needs, providing the best possible care to your patients.

Any doctor or dentist in good standing with their respective national governing bodies (eg. Board certified in the U.S, GMC, GDC in the UK, ) can join rated doctor.

Healthcare professionals like physiotherapists, specialist nurses, optometrists, dieticians, health experts etc, registered and in good standing with their respective governing bodies.
There are three types of subscription for doctors and healthcare professionals

Basic - Free listing !

Lite - For just £19.99 per month, you could get listed at the top of search listings

Pro - For just £24.99 per month, you could get listed at the top of search listings AND you could have search analytics like number of profile views
rated factor is an online platform for patients and specialist doctors to connect and interact with each other. Other health and medical websites are more informative than interactive.
To help people live long, healthy and productive lives by connecting patients with specialist doctors.
There is no joining fee and basic subscription is free!
Absolutely not.

We always recommend that you consult your family physician, general practitioner or primary care provider for any medical and health issues.
rated doctor is NOT an emergency service.

Please attend an emergency department close to you in case of a medical emergency.
rated doctor does not triage patients according to their medical needs, its up to the patient to find and contact the right specialist doctor.
To advertise their specialists doctors with special interests and expertise.

To advertise specialised treatments offered.
Personalised healthcare just a click away
Find and connect with the right specialist doctors.
Rated Doctor