Top 3 factors to consider before Cataract surgery - Miss. Dalia Said.

Top 3 factors to consider before Cataract surgery - Miss. Dalia Said.


I am Miss. Dalia Said, consultant eye surgeon based in Nottingham.

Although cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed, considering cataract surgery can be both exciting and daunting at the same time!

The prospect of seeing clearly again can be exciting, but the risks and complications of cataract surgery can be quite daunting.

Here are my Top 3 factors to consider before Cataract surgery

1. Having a detailed consultation with the operating surgeon before cataract surgery is very important. This way the operating surgeon can undertand your needs and desires and deliver a Truly personalised treatment besopke to your needs.

2. Making sure the operating surgeon is directly involved in the Post operative care, so even minor complications following cataract suregry can be dealt with straighaway.

3. Being aware of the limited choice of artificial lenses offered in the NHS. Although the artificial lenses used in the NHS can give you good vision, you still might have to wear glasses for reading and the lenses offered in the NHS don't correct astigmatism (rugby ball shaped eye).

The lenses used in the NHS are Monofocal, focusing either for distance or near, so you still have to wear glasses.

I routinely use Multifocal lens in suitable patients, which can make you glasses free!

I strive to deliver a Truly personalised care to all my patients at affordable prices!

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