Advanced keyhole surgery in Nottingham

Advanced keyhole surgery in Nottingham

Bunion is a common condition affecting the big toe causing difficulties in wearing

shoes. There are various remedies available such as bunion pads, paracetamol and

wearing wide shoes. Some of these treatment remedies prevent the development of

bunions and relieve some pain, but they are unable to treat the bunion and reduce its


We are excited to be able to offer a minimally invasive bunion removal surgical

procedure that has been inspired by keyhole surgery techniques. After the treatment

patients are able to walk immediately with no crutches and get back to their everyday

activities much quicker than traditional bunion removal surgery. The scaring post-

procedure and risk of infection is also minimal.

The other advantages of keyhole surgery are

Less damage to tissues

Less chance of infection

Minimal scarring (no stitches needed)

Less joint stiffness

Day case surgery

Quicker recovery time

Faster return to work and normal activities


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